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Business Advisory


We offer specialized business advisory services that enable our clients grow their market share, launch new winning products, win new client business and ensure overall firm profitability. Our team of consultants span Finance, Change Management, Human Resources, Marketing, Sales and Consumer Research - they are well poised to create rainmaking effects on your bottom line

Setting A New Direction - Management Team Retreat

For companies seeking to consistently lead an industry, a time set apart to rethink the fundamentals of the business and industry is required. Such a session is best facilitated by professionals who have helped steer companies in a new direction at critical inflection points. We offer such sessions to you with a promise of value to create a shared vision, embracing new revenue streams and industry leading products & services. Give us a call today.

Making Selling Unnecessary




Imagine you are thirsty; your throat is so parched you could sell your
belt for a drink, any drink. You just walked into a meeting room where
you’ve been asked to wait and have a drink before you start a meeting.

As you approach the table you see 2 glasses, one is clearly filled
with water but it looks warm and tepid, the glass is a short stout
type, you doubt if its contents could quench your thirst. The second
glass is tall and clear, a small pool has formed at its base, its
clearly icy cold and you can see the traces of ice cubes floating in

Pray tell, which glass would you pick up?

The presentation and appearance of the 2nd glass made the job of
choosing easy. You didn’t need too heavy a persuasive speech to
decide. We believe that should be the same outcome of Marketing done

Marketing done right makes the following statement by the Uber guru of
management so real:

“There will always be need for some selling. But the aim of marketing
is to make selling superfluous. The aim of marketing is to know and
understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him
and sells itself. Ideally, marketing should result in a customer who
is ready to buy. All that should be needed is to make the product or
service available.”
Peter Drucker

This is the promise we bring to you as we invite you to a marketing
strategy session that aims to present and culture a mindset and give
tools that make whatever service or product you are entrusted with
sell itself.

Tharros Associates is proud to present to your a 1 day session tagged "Making Selling Unnecessary". This session is ideal for marketing teams, key account managers and other professionals responsible for business development in any company

Marketing Plan Development



We provide support for companies of all sizes in developing a robust marketing plan to launch new products & services or gain new market share for your existing services.  Marketing Plan development is both an art and a science. Our consultants have proven track record in several industries with products they launched that have flourished to the benefit of the companies they serve.
Give us a call and watch as we work with you to dominate your market segment and industry

Marketing Research

We offer specialized marketing research support for companies, brands and individuals. Focus groups, field studies, Brand Tracking studies and market sizing are some of the practice areas our consultants have extensive experience in deploying

Outsourced Human Resource Support for SMEs




We provide an outsourced HR service for many SME businesses in the following general practice areas:

Consultation Services.

  • Startup policies and procedures – such as discipline and grievance, sickness and absence, IT, email and internet etc
  • Contractual documents – written statement of terms and conditions, offer letter, etc
  • New employee documents – starter form, induction checklist, reference request, medical questionnaire
  • HR advice via the telephone or email

      -    We also help clients conduct background checks, credential verifications,guarantor verifications and reference verifications. •        Recruitment* (Charges separate from general consultancy due to time consumption, degree of intensiveness and mode of assessment)